Choose Folding Furniture

Update:14 Oct 2022

  Choose folding furniture cleverly. If the space in th […]

  Choose folding furniture cleverly. If the space in the room is small, then buying modular furniture or large pieces of furniture will undoubtedly make the room look smaller. When purchasing furniture, you can buy some foldable furniture to save area. Folding furniture has the characteristics of convenient use and multi-purpose.

  There are three main types of folding furniture: one is the folding part to supplement the original function, such as a dining table that can accommodate 4 people when it is folded, and a dining table that can accommodate 6 people when it is opened, even for families with larger housing areas. This kind of table: the other type that folding part has a relatively independent function, such as the common sofa bed, the folding desk attached to the bookcase, etc., which greatly saves the living space; the last type is that the whole of the furniture can be folded Such as portable folding chair, etc., this kind of chair is very suitable for use when going out to cool off in summer nights.

  When choosing this type of furniture, if it is folding furniture with a steel frame structure, it is necessary to pay attention to the smoothness of the welding area and no gaps, and the coating should look uniform and soft. The thickness of the steel pipe is about 1.2 mm, and it is better to have no impurities. It also depends on the overall quality of the frame. You can shake the whole piece of furniture back and forth, left and right, and shake it with both hands, which firmly indicates that the frame is good.

  In addition to choosing a style according to personal needs and preferences, you should also pay attention to the quality of the wrapping cloth. If you buy leather, you can pinch a place with two fingertips and pull it up. It feels strong and has a good recovery. Finally, don't forget to try it yourself to see how comfortable it is, change every angle, and buy it after you're sure.

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