How To Buy Outdoor Folding Chairs

Update:04 Nov 2022

  1. Pay attention to the welding position: when the fo […]

  1. Pay attention to the welding position: when the folding chair is a steel frame structure, it should be noted that the welding position is flat and seamless, and the coating should be uniform and soft.

  2. Pay attention to the thickness of the steel pipe: If the folding chair is an aluminum alloy pipe, the thickness of the steel pipe is about 1.2mm, and there should be no impurities.

  3. Pay attention to sturdiness: Depending on the overall quality of the frame, the product can be shaken back and forth, left and right with both hands. Sturdy indicates a good frame

  4. Pay attention to the quality of the wrapping cloth: If you buy leather, you can pinch a spot with your fingertips and pull it up. It has a strong feel. A product with a good recovery rate is a good product

  5. Try sitting: Try sitting and see how comfortable it is. Change each angle, and buy after confirmation.

  What kind of outdoor folding chair should I choose?

  1. aluminum beach chair

  The utility model has the characteristics of ultra-light, good storage, and good firmness.

  2. Outdoor folding chair biscuit chair

  The advantage is that the storage is good, and the height can be adjusted at will, but like a paper chair, there is no backrest. The two outdoor chairs to start with are matched to the adjustable folding table.

  3. Outdoor folding chair canvas folding chair

  This is the common outdoor chair and is what most people buy. Beige is great for taking pictures. Bought the maple leaf color to keep the dust-out and recommended the oversized model, which is more comfortable for adults to sit on.

  4. Inflatable sofa

  Outdoor folding chair manufacturers say it is more entertaining than practical. Good for lying down and taking pictures. It is said that this is the standard configuration of the summer night open-air music festival, want to inflate it and store it properly, it is very comfortable to buy it lying on the ground. It was found to have a large storage capacity, inflated to test physical strength when running, inelegant when lying down, and was rarely taken by children without special requirements.

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