Features And Options Of Folding Beds

Update:11 Nov 2022

  1. What are the characteristics of a folding bed?   1 […]

  1. What are the characteristics of a folding bed?

  1. Small footprint

  Folding beds are very suitable for living spaces such as bachelor apartments, study rooms, white-collar offices, and small-sized bedrooms. Because compared with the traditional big bed, it is still this type of apartment. If a folding bed is used, and the folding bed is lifted during the day, the room will be very empty, and it can almost be used as a multi-functional room.

  2. Easy to carry

  Folding tables, portable folding chairs, and other furniture will appear small when folded so that they can be placed indoors flexibly and easily for storage and handling. For example, some modern movable partitions are made of plastic-faced metal brackets and folded in the form of accordions, which are light-loaded and easy to decorate.

  3. Conducive to standardized design and production

  Since most of the parts of the folding bed are the same, and they are all symmetrical, it is only necessary to design some parts and open a small number of molds, so that the finished product can be assembled, which is convenient for large-scale machining and improves work efficiency. , so that the labor intensity can be reduced.

  Second, folding bed purchase skills

  1. Look at the material of the folding bed

  Pay attention to the shape and material of the folding bed: There are many shapes and materials of the bed, but you should choose according to your own needs.

  2. Pay attention to the hardness of the folding bed

  The human spine is made up of vertebrae, which can be bent or stretched. If the bed is too soft and the body sinks too much, the spine will be bent too much, which will stretch and stretch the muscles of the waist. After getting up, there will be a sense of exhaustion and even low back pain. For adolescents who are in the stage of growth and development, children will affect the normal development of bones, which is extremely detrimental to physical development.

  3. Pay attention to the thermal insulation, heat dissipation, and moisture absorption performance of the folding bed

  Generally speaking, human body temperature is often around 36.5 degrees, while the temperature on the body surface is slightly lower, about 32-33 degrees, and it is about one degree lower when lying down than when standing. When choosing a bed, you should consider keeping the body around your body at the same temperature as your body temperature when you go to bed, and the temperature balance is conducive to sleep.

  4. Taking into account the changing factors of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter

  In winter, it is mainly for heat preservation, and in summer, it is mainly for heat dissipation. The moisture absorption and moisture permeability of the bed is mainly related to the material, thickness, and size of the mattress.

  The above is the introduction to the folding bed in this article. If the space at home is not particularly ample or you want to be convenient to carry, then the folding bed will be a more suitable choice.

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