Is It Necessary To Buy A Folding Camping Bed For Outdoor Camping?

Update:18 Nov 2022

  Senior campers are no strangers to folding camping be […]

  Senior campers are no strangers to folding camping beds, and some people must have them at home. Folding camping bed has many names in China, such as folding bed, camp bed, folding camping bed, etc. In short, it is a very portable bed that can be used outdoors and generally only sleeps one person.

  The folding camping bed is for us to sleep when camping outdoors. I don’t think it is necessary to buy this thing, because sleeping outdoors, moisture and cold protection have been perfectly solved, that is, relying on sleeping bags and moisture-proof pads. With these two, sleeping in the wild is no problem at all.


  Some people may say that it is more comfortable to sleep in a folding bed without feeling the diaphragm. This view is not correct. First of all, when we are looking for a campsite, we must choose a flat place, and secondly, before setting up a tent. The hard rocks and branches in the camp will be cleaned up to avoid scratching the tent, and then a moisture-proof pad + air pad will be used. One is usually enough. If a camping site still feels uncomfortable after using a moisture-proof pad, then your tent is not far from being scrapped, because this kind of place will cause the most damage to the tent. If you love your tent, you have to choose it carefully campsite.

  The camp bed is nothing more than improving the grade of sleeping outdoors. If you can’t sleep without a bed, then it is recommended to buy a camp bed. Otherwise, it is not recommended to buy. In addition, people who carry camp beds drive by themselves, because the manpower is difficult to carry and can only rely on the vehicle.

  Although I don't recommend you buy it, for those who can't sleep without a bed, I still want to share some dry goods here to help you choose a good cost-effective camp bed.

  Most folding camping beds are detachable and take up little space after storage. The brackets of most folding camping beds are aluminum alloy brackets, which are not only strong but also light. Of course, there are also steel ones, but these are very bulky. up. There are currently three types of brackets, namely straight leg structure, C-shaped back structure, and X-shaped leg structure. Straight legs are the more traditional type, C-shaped legs are generally used indoors, and X-shaped legs are common outdoors.

  Tip: If you are using a folding camping bed in a tent, be sure to pay attention to whether the legs of the folding camping bed have a protective cover. If there is no protective cover, the metal bracket legs may directly pierce the tent.

  Under normal circumstances, the weight of the aluminum alloy folding camping bed is about 7-12 kg. If it is a heavy-duty steel bracket, it may be even heavier. However, with the continuous updating of materials, some very light folding camping beds have appeared bed, we have a folding camping bed in our store, the material is polyester oxford cloth + 7075 aluminum alloy, the weight is only 2.3kg, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is about 150kg, which can be carried even for hiking.

  As for the fabric of the folding camping bed, most of the fabrics on the market are polyester or nylon fabrics, and now there are also cotton folding camping beds and mesh folding camping beds, and the mesh is cooler in summer.

  The folding camping bed also has requirements for the tent. First, the tent must be large enough to fit the folding camping bed, and there is room for activities after the folding camping bed is placed so that it will feel like camping. In addition, it is recommended that you bring a thick camping blanket and spread it directly under the folding camping bed to prevent the legs from piercing the tent.

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